Dogs on the Beach“Valerie Carlson loves our five dogs as much as we do. And, just as importantly — they love her back! We know that when they are in her care, our dogs are treated with the kindness and respect and love that we would give them ourselves — and that gift is literally priceless to us. We would never have been able to rescue as many dogs as we have without knowing we had Valerie as a resource, as a support — and as a friend.”

– Chris Tardio & Charles Day

“We have been a client of Valerie’s Pet Service since 1996 when our dog Misha was 3 months old. Valerie has provided excellent service and given us peace of mind that our pet is well cared for when we are at work or out of town. Misha enjoys her time at Valerie’s and is extremely well socialized from interacting with the other dogs at VPS. Valerie’s also took care of our cat before she passed on and was a great comfort when we had to put her to sleep. She recommended a home euthanasia vet which was a great option for us as we wanted our beloved pet’s last moments to be at the home she was accustomed to. We highly recommend VPS. We’d be in a bind without Valerie’s wonderful service.”

– Jennifer Borchardt


“I have been a client of valerie’s pet service for almost 5 years and there has never been a time that I have not felt completely comfortable having my dogs there. valerie is trustworthy, devoted to excellence and is exceptionally cautious, always treating my dogs as if they were her own. she is knowledgeable about medical concerns in case there is a problem and does a beautiful job of knowing which dogs will play well with others. my dogs always enjoy walking into valerie’s hands nd never look back, so I am confident they are enjoung their time there.

JacksonAs a veterinarian at family pet animal hospital, I regularly recommend valerie for daycare, boarding and home visits. Valerie is a wonderful, warm and caring person with excellent communication skills. I have never had a single complaint and strongly recommend her service.”

– Marla Minuskin, DVM | Family Pet Animal Hospital