About Valerie’s Pet Service

When I first got my dog Wellington, many years ago, I didn’t feel there was a dog day care or dog boarding facility in Chicago where I felt comfortable leaving him. He is the reason I started my business. My natural life-long love for pets, and the challenges I faced with Wellington led me to create a place that operated at my exacting standards.

Valerie’s Pet Service has now been in operation for 22 years. I’m happy to say after all these years I still love what I do! It fills my life with joy. My love for Wellington made me the person I am today and I share that same love and devotion with each and every animal under my care.

I prefer to take fewer dogs to ensure that all dogs under my care get attention and the one-on-one time they deserve, as if they were at home. What makes Valerie’s Pet Service dog boarding and dog day care unique is my dedication to my long term and new clients, small overall numbers, appropriate socialization, play time and a safe and controlled in-home environment. Most clients come to us from referrals and that is something I am very proud of. I have many clients whose dogs came to me as puppies and are now into their senior years — I’m able to adapt their care to their special needs as they get older.

Individualized, focused, loving care are my priorities. These are the things I do for my pets, and what I will do for your pets as well.

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